I have been tying flies for 57 years and have been a professional fly tier and fly fishing outfitter/guide for the past 42 years. I have conduct fly fishing and tying clinics across the U.S and have long time fly pattern designer for Orvis as well as author.

I have tied at both the British and Dutch Fly Fairs on other occasions.

I tie all manner of flies for both fresh and saltwater and has no specialty beyond enjoyment and having a good time at the vise. I never claim to be some fly tier of great ability, for trout are the final judges and they neither read or write.

The featured patterns at the 2018 fly fair will be Flymphs and Soft Hackles that can be fished as Dry Flies, CDC Emergers tied with soft hackles and Simple Feather Streamers that are easy to construct and deadly to fish.

Fly Fly Fly
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