I began tying fishing flies back in the late ’90s and after filling many fly boxes that’ll probably see me to the end of my fishing days, decided to look for patterns with a bit of a challenge.
Discovering Ray Bergman’s book ‘Trout’ and the niche group of tyers around the world who are keeping these patterns alive, decided it was time to learn winging wet patterns and tie with floss…

Trout was first published in 1938 and still in print today, there are within its pages 440 wet patterns as well as dry & streamer patterns. Many are adaptations of British patterns dating back as far as c1400 – even the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear is there!

Unfortunately this style of tying has fallen out of favour in preference to simple synthetic and “must-have” patterns that circulate the magazines, but from within the pages of ’Trout’ is the Colonel Fuller, and this pattern is on the FDG Gold Accreditation pattern list.

These historic patterns still catch fish – lots of them, so why not try wet fly winging and give a classic a try?

Fly Fly Fly
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