25 Years I have now been a Fisherman, when I started off I was just a boy of 8 years. When I started fishing it was an exciting hobby as a kid it would allow me to be outdoors and enjoying wildlife. Then as I began to get older, fishing to me now was more about the excitement of the chase and trying to understand the mental puzzle of the fish.

My first time fishing was in a small pond near where we lived at the time. I always remember I thought I was the bee’s knees, times where hard back then and my dad made me a hand made rod perfect for my size, from there on there was no stopping me every opportunity I got I would be nagging either my Dad or my Uncle to take me fishing.

So now that I am getting older and starting to really get into the sport I had to find a way of funding it, so I started doing the ‘cream service’ selling bacon & eggs every weekend and when I wasn’t doing that I was working at my cousins car wash which in turn allowed me to pay for my days out & any fishing materials that I needed.

25 Years on and I’m enjoying the sport more than ever, I have been tying my own flys now as long as I can remember mainly for rainbow trout and brown trout grayling & pike. I’ve also had the privilege of being in a few clubs such as bangour fly fishing club and Ayr travellers. I have got to say though my best distinction has to be when i got asked to join the deer creek pro team about two years ago,such an amazing opportunity & pleasure.

I have fly fished all over Scotland and England and even had the most amazing experience fishing in the rocky mountains in Colorado. Although I have enjoyed fly fishing for many a years, I have recently bought my first river rod and am looking forward to all the different experiences and opportunities this is going to bring.

My next venture will be getting my 6 year old son into the sport as well and enjoying loads of Daddy/Son days doing something that we both will hopefully love.

Fly Fly Fly
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