BFFI 2022 Fly Tying in Focus  Theatre Programme – Saturday & Sunday

10:30 Jo Stephenson Predator Flies – Tying the Belly Scratcher!
11:30 Paul Little Techniques for Dressing a Slip Wing Salmon Fly
12:30 Gareth Lewis Dry Flies for Early Season River Brown Trout
13:30 Pete Kealey The Development and Style of Irish Shrimp Flies
14:30 Phillippa Hake Flies that Catch Grayling!

BFFI 2022 Fly Fair Forum Theatre Programme – Saturday & Sunday

11:30 The Angling Trust Anglers Against Pollution Campaign.
12:30 Vito Rubino Terra Incognita, Italian Marble Trout In the wilds of the Alps and Dolomites.
13:30 Shaun Leonard The Wonderful Thing about Trouts!
14:30 Stuart Crofts The Miraculous World of Caddis.
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