Hi, my name is Paul, I’m married with three children and live in a pretty town called Marlow in Buckinghamshire, though originally grew up in the equally beautiful Wye Valley. Lets say I’m tying for both England and Wales.

I have had a passion for all kinds of angling and fly-tying for 40 years, which shows no signs of abating.

I appreciate all the disciplines coming from a river specimen Coarse fishing background but have always fly-fished. These past five to six years I have fully focused on the fly (mostly from the kayak), chasing species that fascinate me and which are very much in vogue again like pike, zander and perch.

I’m a busy custom streamer tyer and designer outside of my corporate working life, which helps me stay sane , relaxed and is my creative outlet. I also enjoy to demonstrate and teach technique at Coarse and Fly shows and share my ideas through social media.

A little bit about my tying: I like to tinker with design concepts but also tie simple patterns that catch fish. What I enjoy tying most is a bucktail fly or fleye as Bob Popovics would call them. There something quite beautiful about mastering bucktail. In fact big streamers for tarpon, GT, taimen and arapaima have featured a fair bit lately for me, tying for the travelling fly-fisher. So if you are passing you are likely to see mix of big streamers covering many species this year.

I’d just like to mention friends that are supporting me, some of which will be at the show again, so please check out their products; Ahrex Hooks, Deer Creek, Veniard, Hedron Inc, Bigstreamers.com, The Fly Company and Nordic Anglers.

It is an honour to be invited by Bridgette, Steve and Veniard to tie on the BFFI Tyers Row again, amongst so many talented people and to help promote our wonderful, diverse sport and past-time for future generations to come. Let’s all get along and make fly-fishing accessible for all.

If you want to get in touch contact me through my website www.flashtailspredatorflies.com which has links to my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channel.

All the best and hopefully see you there.

Fly Fly Fly
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