• Veniard
    Very few companies have either the history or experience in the field of fly tying that Veniard have. With many superb products within their catalogue you can be assured of finding their products in your tying kit. This year Veniard are sponsoring Fly Tyers Row and the Theatre.  www.veniard.com
  • Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine
    “MPs urged not to alter rights”
    The Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust (FACT) is calling upon MPs to support the principle of Voluntary Access Agreements to address the recent demand by canoeists for free access to English and Welsh waterways for all water users (see Editor’s Quill, January 2006).”Always an excellent source of fly tying and fishing information “FFandFT” is always a good read and library of tips, techniques and fly recipes.  www.flyfishing-and-flytying.co.uk
  • Cookshill Fly Tying Materials
    It has long been apparent that the vast majority of fly tying materials available are of an inferior quality – which does not suit the needs of the discerning fly dresser. The majority of our materials are sourced, sorted, selected and packaged by us giving 100% quality control.Our aim is to provide a range of mainly natural materials of British origin of the highest quality and at a price that is sensible. If you are not satisfied: –
    SEND IT BACK !!  www.cookshill-flytying.co.uk
  • Harvik Solutions Ltd
    Harvik has been looking after the BFFI web site since the show first started. Harvik develops software for the Windows platform, html and PHP. The owner has an interest in fly tying and fly fishing and supports the BFFI as it really is the only quality event of its type left in England.  www.harvik.co.uk
  • Grip Hooks
    Grip Hooks are at last now available to the UK & Ireland market, designed by world renowned fly tier Arno Laubscher of South Africa. Grip Hooks combine a range of top class and modern designed trout, salmon and saltwater hooks for those who are serious about their fly-tying and catching fish.Grip Hooks are serious about conservation and have developed an expanding range of barbless trout and saltwater hooks. Grip Hooks also combine with Sciflies, a range of ready to use saltwater flies.  www.scientificfly.com
  • Hemingways
    Hemingway Fly Fishing Products offer a unique range of innovative fly tying products, ranging from an extensive range of furled leaders to a comprehensive range of fly bodies and realistic pre-made wings.Their expanding range of Hare Dubbing products were recently described by Trout & Salmon as ‘Sensational’. The Hemingway team from Serbia are a group of passionate artisan fly tiers and fishermen, offering a something really different, products designed by experts for the fisherman who is looking for something different.  www.hemingway-s.com
  • Right Angle Fishing Ltd
    Right Angle Fishing Ltd was sent up by husband and wife team, Charles & Louise Dutton, after a lifetime of game fishing, fly tying and experience in the UK tackle trade.RAF brings to the UK & Ireland markets, products from around the world that represent value for money, highest quality and that really work,and not expensive! We are a small company based by the Chalkstreams of Dorset; we offer support and help to all customers, both retailers and fishermen, above all, our products really work as we have tried them!Arno Laubscher founder of Grip Hooks stated that “We are keen to support the BFFI and see the show as a way to demonstrate our quality products to the discening fly fishers attracted by the event”.  www.rightanglefishing.co.uk
  • Chevron Hackles
    Chevron Hackles is a unique business within the UK, being a hackle farm which is happy to sell direct to you, the customer. This gives us a tremendous pride in our products as it is raised here in the UK, processed right through to point of sale by ourselves.All the dyeing is done here on site, and we offer a colour matching service too! We try to attend a number of shows both here in the UK and on the continent, and although a small business, offer real home grown quality products second to none. Our capes have many desirable qualities that set them apart from many imported capes; the finest stems available today and hackles that stay where you put them, with no twisting or splitting. Try them, you will be amazed. Many tyers now have converted to the Chevron brand, few would return to imported capes. We try to keep our prices realistic too, although with rising feed costs this is not easy. But what we do offer is real value for money.
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