I was born on the outskirts of Berlin, in East Germany in the mid-seventies. Early in 2001 I moved to Norway, which is now my homeland. Here I live amongst magnificent mountains, lakes and rivers.

I discovered fly-fishing early 2014 when I signed up for a fly casting course. Since that day I have been very interested in fly fishing. After a short while practicing fly fishing I also developed a huge interest in fly tying, which nowadays occupies most of my time. According to me…nothing is as fun as getting a fish on a fly tied by myself.

I was lucky growing up with a father who liked fishing. He took us on fishing trips when I was a youth, I remember I liked it very much, and when come to think of it… I think that my interest in fishing been there from the days fishing with my father.

Most of my inspiration within fly tying comes from the flies of Torill Kolbu. I love practicing her crochet techniques on my own flies. As were I live most fishing is for trout and grayling, specimen which is close to my heart, I mostly tie flies for these particular species.

I think fly fishing and fly tying is a way of life. It gives me a lot of joy and relaxation in my “everyday life”. My passion for fly fishing and fly tying has come to stay.

Fly Fly Fly
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