My name is Peter De Coensel, 38 years old and living in Belgium.

As a young kid you could always find me close to the water with a fishing rod in my hand. Ever since that day I’ve always continued fishing and started about 10 years with flyfishing and flytying.

For a living I’m a network engineer, so that’s the way I’m earning some money to buy all the beautiful feathers we need for our wonderful hobby.

To share my passion with other fly-tiers I am the vice president of our local tying club. Which I truly enjoy, nothing is so satisfying as sharing information and see happy faces when they’ve made a new accomplishment.

As a perfectionist I keep stretching my limits to get better results. I see it as a lifetime project, constantly trying to improve techniques, finding better materials and last but not least… catching fish with selfmade flies. I’m tying a very broad range of flies, from very small dry flies, streamers, nymphs, seabass flies, big pike streamers, … and last but not least salmon flies. I’m especially intrigued by the old classics. I truly love the history behind them, by reading original books of the masters of the old days I try to take a view back in time. That’s the main reason I try to avoid the use subs and look how the original patterns are ‘behaving’ themselves while fishing. I’m sure we still have a lot to learn about that from our ancestors.

Beside tying I’ve travelled around the world to go fishing in Alaska, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway and much more … but there still a lot of places to discover.

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