FFM UK, together with instructors from Fly Fishing Masters Italy, will again be at the 2015 show. In case you do not know what FFM UK does then the short version is that we promote and coach in the Italian style of casting which “A harmonious casting style developed to get your fly into difficult places and to beat drag”.

As we did last year, we will again be demonstrating the style and conducting small clinics for those people coming to the show and who want to try it out under the guidance of FFM instructors.

Demonstrations will be undertaken at 11.00 am and 2 p.m. on each day of the show.

Free casting tuition, for one hour, is open to anyone and these sessions will be offered at 10.00 am. Noon, 1.pm and 3 pm on each day of the show. If you are interested in registering for an hours tuition please contact Philip Bailey (FFM UK) at philipbailey31@btinternet.com

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