Hi everybody,

My name is Fabien Moulin and I am originally from Switzerland. I have been living in Norway for nine years.

I fish mostly in the woods here at home for wild brown trout.

Flytying is my passion, but winged wet flies are my obsession!

After I finished the three Awards of the Fly Dresser´s Guild, I have been curious about all types of flies and techniques.

I fish mostly with dry flies, emerger and some nymph in Stillwater until now!

I like to ty all kind of flies because every category have techniques and patterns, that I would like to learn about and be able to ty. But i can never resist longer then one week without a winged wet fly, the are a challenge every time and i like it!

I am very grateful to be invited to the British Fly Fair 2020 and i am looking forward to meet you there!


Fly Fly Fly
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