I’ve been tying and tossing flies for over two thirds of my 34-year long life.

I’ve also been lucky enough to call fly fishing my job. For the last ten years I’ve been working for Fly Dressing AB here in Sweden, selling fly fishing and fly tying gear to shops in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

I’ve also done quite a few films on both fly fishing and fly tying that you can find on YouTube under Fly TV & Tie TV and written a bunch of articles the years. I would love to say that I’m an expert in this or that area of fly fishing and fly tying, but to tell the truth I love more or less all forms of the game.

Pike, Perch, Grayling, Salmon, Seatrout etc. all get me going. One thing that totally blew me away though was when I came in contact with articulated streamers designed to catch big trout. That hunt for that one big fish, the technique, tactics and not the least the tying part appeals a lot to me.

The design of a big trout streamer is something completely different than a lot of other types of flies. Usually it starts with an idea on how you want the fly to swim in the water when fished a certain way and then you build the fly to get it to swim as you want. How it looks is secondary first, but after you got it got it to do what you want you can always tweak it a bit to look at least descent.

So big, nasty articulated streamers, and maybe a few perch flies is what I’ll tie and talk about during BFFI 2017.

Hope to see you there!

Fly Fly Fly
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