I have been tying flies from the age of 9, and fishing from the age of 6, that’s 58 years how time flys!

I fish for as many fish I can catch on a fly, have fished many parts around the world catching many fish big and small on my travels.

In the UK, I fish a lot for Bass/Mullet and Pike; plus I enjoy fishing for salmon on my local river, the Towy. To me, there is nothing like night fishing for the Sewin (sea trout) I have the biggest buzz fishing the Towy at night for them and any other angler that does the same knows what I am saying, when you hook these fish they use every trick in the book to throw the hook. At the show I will be tying many of my well know Sewin flies and the ones I get asked to tie a lot are my Snake Flies. I hope to catch up with new and old friends at the show, please have a look at my blog http://daijonesflies.blogspot.co.uk/ and see the range of flies I tie.

Fly Fly Fly
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