An extremely popular event, if you have surplus rods, reels, clothing and/or kit realise some cash for it. Much better than letting gear gather dust in the garage!


Potteries Fly Tying Club

Bring & Buy


The Potteries Fly Tying Club (PFTC) accept items for sale on the understanding that the PFTC, their officers and members are not liable for any items stolen, lost or damaged. They will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatever arising out of the sale. No description or warranty are given or implied.

A commission fee of 15% of the selling price on all items sold will be deducted at the time the seller collects their cash and any remaining unsold items.

Sale proceeds may be collected any time after 12 noon each day but must be collected by 4 p.m. on the final day of the fair together with any unsold items. Uncollected items will be disposed of for the benefit of the PFTC.

All items are left for sale at owners’ risk.

It is the owners’ responsibility to assign a sale price for the item(s) and to ensure they are in a saleable condition.

Items will be accepted for sale at the discretion of the stand manager.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to assure themselves of condition and value.

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