Arno’s fly fishing experience stretches back to the middle 1980’s where he started fly fishing in Northern Kwazulu Natal, South Africa at the age of 12. He started a career in fly fishing in the early 1990’s where he ran a fly tying factory.

He was involved in a retail store before he decided to move to Nelspruit where he started ScientificFly in 2001. During these years he guided fly fishermen in pursuit of various fresh and saltwater species in Southern Africa, wrote articles for various fly fishing publications and travelled abroad.

He attends the British Fly Fair in the UK and the FFF tying events in the USA regularly where he does fly tying demonstrations and slide shows. He is also a member of, and demonstration tier at, the Federation of Fly Fishers in the USA and was made an honorary member of the Sunshine Fly Fishers Club based in The Villages, Florida USA.

He fish for both fresh and saltwater species and travel the world to do so. His passion is tarpon and he fishes the flats of Homosassa on an annual basis. He recently added a travel side to his company, ScientificFly, which will be called Chasing Targets. Through this he will host product development and testing trips to various destinations including tarpon in Nicaragua and peacock bass in Brazil.

He is constantly developing new hooks, flies and tying techniques and is a regular contributor to The Complete Fly Fisherman magazine.

Fly Fly Fly
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