Hi, I started my fishing at the age of six, fishing a small trout stream and catching small trout and minnows on a worm. Using just a bent pin and willow branch for a rod and cotton for line.

At the age of nine I was walking the river Tawe and came across a angler casting a dry fly to trout. I was taken in by this and watching fish after fish coming to the anglers dry flies.

I had never seen anything like this and thought this is what I want to do in my fishing. I went to see a uncle of mine who was a very keen trout angler and a fish he fished a lot was called a sewin ( sea trout), which he fished for at day and night. He showed me some one day the size of which I could not get over!

As the biggest I had caught was about 1/2lb, he said to call at his home one day and he would show me how to tie flies. When I got there two days later we started, and it was then his mate came in to see him about fishing, his mate was a great talker of fishing and tying at a later day I found out this guy was Moc Morgan. I was very lucky to have two great guys to show me the ropes of fishing and fly tying.

I have picked a lot on the journey and learned a lot myself, I have fished many parts of the world with a fly rod and caught small and very large fish. My love is night fishing for Sewin (sea trout) on the river Towy mostly on the Abercothi estate, plus also like fly fishing for Bass and Mullet two great fish to have on a fly.

I have been at it for 59 years now and still love it very much.

Please have a look at my blog of flytying and fishing. http://daijonesflies.blogspot.co.uk/

Fly Fly Fly
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