It all tracks back to my father. If he hadn’t brought me along with him on his fishing days when I was a child I would never have gotten this lifelong love affair with fishing.

Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden in the mid 70’s I grew up fishing for Pike in the Baltic Sea. I discovered fly fishing late in life, never knowing what I missed until I met and became friends with some fanatic fly fishermen in 1997. Before I knew it I had taken all my savings and bought myself fly fishing equipment and a fly tying kit. My life and bank account has never been the same since.

I fish as much as I can but not as much as I would like to. I am in love with adrenaline rush of dry fly fishing and in the magic nature of the Scandinavian north I am as close as I can be to heaven. The last years I have also rediscovered pike fishing in my home waters, with big flies I stalk the monsters whenever I get a chance.

Fly tying for me is as big of a passion as fly fishing is. My approach is to try to tie flies that can lure the pickiest of fish and at the same time would look great framed on the wall. Initially I got inspired by fly tying masters like Poul Jorgensen, Gary Lafontaine, Hans van Klinken, Oliver Edwards and more, nowadays I find myself more inspired by studying the real insects in their own environment.

I have two clear divisions of my fly tying; the first is flies for trout and grayling with a realistic touch. My goal is to design patterns that would look just as good in a frame on the wall to the human eye as it would look on the end of a leader attracting the fish. My second passion in fly tying is big nasty pike flies designed to attract the fresh water “monsters” that patrol the weed banks of any lake. These two contrasts in fly tying make a perfect mix for me, and I hope it will for the visitors of the BFFI as well.

Fly Fly Fly
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