Amongst the tyers that will be on the clinic are …

Bernd Nickoleit

Bernd is a fly fisher and tyer for more then 30 years, grown up in the middle part of Germany his fly fishing and fly tying concentrated in the first years on grayling and trout. But after some years he was more and more interested in new quests: Fly fishing for pike, chub, roach and other coarse fish came to his passion. For the last fifteen years, fly fishing for sea trout at the German and Danish coast became the priority of his fishing. Now he lives very close to some very hot spots for sea trout at the northern coast of Germany. Tying sea trout flies for saltwater fishing dominates his tying today, but he still is absolutely fascinated by fly fishing for wild and big pike. He loves the creative art of tying big, colourful pike flies, never forgetting the aspects of castability and pike attracting movement of these flies. His tying is inspired by combining traditional techniques and materials with new, innovative ideas and materials. By the way, this describes his salmon fly tying also…

Bernd says, that there is nothing comparable to catching a fish, especially a big predator with a home tied fly. that´s the most straight and true way of being a fly fisherman.
Bernd works as a veterinarian surgeon, specialised in orthopaedics in his own clinic with a lot of international clients. He loves -as much as fly fishing and tying, working with his hunting dogs. He wrote a lot of articles for different national and international fly fishing magazines, taught fly fishing and tying for more than twenty years and participated and won some international fly tying competitions, e.g. the Mustad Scandinavian Open. Fly fishing and Fly tying is for Bernd a true passion, maybe a kind of lifestyle but far away from a hobby. If Bernd is not in the woods with his dogs, you can be sure to find him fishing or tying.

Lutz Schepers

Lutz has tied flies and fished for more than thirty years and he describes himself as a freak. In his youth he tied mainly trout and grayling flies, because his fly fishing was dominated by these fish. Suddenly, the saltwater virus infected his brain and he caught tarpon, bonefish and barracuda in the most mystic spots on earth. After this more or less traditional kind of saltwater flyfishing, his very big love is the one and only – GT. These fish and the hunt with the fly rod after them, inspired his tying very much. Flyfishing for the mighty Giant Trevally calls for special, resistance and castable flies. Sometimes you only have one shot for a GT, searching for bait in the heavy surf and in this situation the fly has to have all the points that a Giant Trevally wants to see in his prey. Lutz is very creative, never stopping the development of his skills as a fly tyer. He always is interested in new and innovative tying materials and he never stops searching for new ideas or inspiration.

Lutz works in a responsible position for a professional association and in his free time he also teaches fly fishing and tying, guides his guests at some nice trout rivers in the middle part of Germany and with very much passion he supports Aardvark McLeod, a fly fishing travel company. If he is not at his beloved river or at the Seychelles for GT hunting, you will find him testing new fly tying materials or playing guitar, his second love. Close friends say about him, that his skills in fly tying are as good as his barbecuing. And as his guitar.

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