I began tying flies at the age of 13. In the early years I mainly fished for trout and grayling and soon started to get interested in realistic fly tying.

I tried to make my fishing flies as realistic as possible and made few “artflies” as well that could not be fished. Tying to different competitions has been a huge part of my fly tying career and I’ve gained gold medals from competitions like World Tuscany Open, Irish Open, FQSA world championship, British and International fly tying competition and Finnish national championship.

I haven’t competed in a few years other than at the Finnish nationals but I’ve been organizing and judging tying competitions here in Finland. I like to challenge myself to tie complicated patterns but also enjoy simple fishing flies that are tied well. My main goal is to be as versatile as I can and to be able to tie any fly equally well whether it’s a classic salmon fly or a pike fly.

The past years my focus has been on salmon flies and it has gone more and more towards the classic end of the genre. My fishing flies however cover everything from purely synthetic flies to orthodox classics. I run a fly tying website called FlyTyingArchive.com where I try to gather information about all kinds of patterns and techniques for beginners and more advanced tyers.

Fly Fly Fly
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