I was born in 1973 in Bulgaria and am a member of the Vasilak Fishing Club in Bansko, Bulgaria.I have loved nature since I was a child, often spending whole days at the river crossing in my home town of Blagoevgrad.  I began fishing when I was six years old and it has remained an important part of my life ever since.In 2004 I moved to the UK and now live in London.  There are many places to fish near London and since being there I have enjoyed fishing in the Test, Dee and Nith Rivers and some reservoirs.  Every summer, however, I go back to Bulgaria to visit my favourite old fishing places with friends.In 2008 I visited New Zealand where I enjoyed fishing in the rivers at Tangariro, Waihou, Ohinemury, Waitawheta, Whanganui and Okaro.Twelve years ago I began fly fishing and fly tying. Although I enjoy making different types of flies, my passion and my challenge is making the realistic flies, and each one of these I make with love.I participated at the British Fly Fair International in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, the First Bulgarian Fly Fair in 2008, the Fly Fair in Finland in 2009, and since 2006 I have demonstrated fly-making in fishing clubs in England.For more: www.FilipovFishingFlies.come-mail:     stoyan_filipov@hotmail.comRegards Stoyan

Fly Fly Fly
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