My name is Skúli Kristinsson and I was born in 1961.

I live in the beautiful countryside of Iceland, about an hour from the capital, Reykjavík, were I run a small guesthouse with my wife. All around the guesthouse is trout, salmon and char fishing in lakes and our private beat on the Brúará river.
You can follow us at facebook (Sel Guesthouse) to see photos and get more information.

I started fly-tying and fly-fishing in 1979. Until 1988 most of my fishing was in lakes for trout, with a few days of salmon fishing every season.

In 1988 I began working as a river keeper in Elliðarár River that runs through the centre of selReykjavík.
Since 1990 I have been tying salmon flies and tubes professionally. 1998 I started guiding in West and East Rangá for angling club Lax-á the largest salmon and trout outfitter in Iceland. Before that I was guiding in West Ranga for Angling service Strengir.

I was a camp-manager in East Rangá from 1998-2005 and from 2006 I have working just as a guide which is much more fun. Most of my fly tying is now tubes and small salmon flies.

Looking forward to seeing you, Skúli




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