I`m 40 years old an live in a place called Raufoss in the middle of Norway. I`m married, have 2 sons and a foster son living with us. Born and raised in a small wooded valley close to the biggest lake in Norway, Mjøsa.

In my childhood, fishing was my prime interest. I started fishing alone at the age of 8, and began tying my own flies when I was about 12.
Fishing for brown trout is my passion of life, and also reflect`s my fly tying. By tying dry flies, nymphs and streamers, I try to imitate what the trout feeds on, both over and under the surface. I try to make my flies as fishy as can be

It`s important to me that the flies have a lot of life and movement. I built in these features by selecting the appropriate materials as CDC, different types of hair and stripped peacock quills and capes. I also like to experiment around already established fly patterns. I want to give them my look by thoughts and experience.

I mostly fish rivers and lakes in my area. But once or twice a year I try to get on a slightly longer fishing trip, preferably up north in Norway, or abroad as Iceland.
In 2017 I was so lucky to get in under the wings of Semperfli. They deliver all the materials a fly tyer can dream about. And in May 2018 I went in partnership with the Nordic based hook brand Ahrex.
Through the years I`ve learned that I never stop learning. Listen to experienced fly tyers, or look at young beginners, they all have something to give, and I love to pick it up and use it.

That`s the benefit of participating in fairs, get to connect with new people.
Talk to fly tyers and visitors, share and learn

Please feel free to visit my webpage: www.norwegianflytyer.com or my Instagram account: royole77

Fly Fly Fly
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