My interest in fly tying/fly fishing has started when I was 12 years old. I learned the basic knowledge of the stream currents and casting tips with my grandfather, in Älvdalen. We fished for trouts and graylings in Österdalsälven mostly with classic British wet flies. I continued to fish for those species afterward often in Älvdalen and in streams of West Jämtland.

When I was 16, I had the opportunity to come along to the Norwegian Salmon River Driva. It has been an incomparable experience that made its mark. My interest in salmon fishing began to increase significantly after that trip.

Visiting the Stjördalsälven and the small river Forra was a continuation of my fishing exploration and going there became an annual tradition for me.

My fly tying was more focused on salmon flies, tube flies, hair-winged flies on double hook and sometimes even Esmond Drury. Later I started tying Spey flies. I like that style of salmon flies and I noticed that they were very effective on certain occasions. I like to tye the charming and classic style of salmon flies.

Recently, I have been involved in fly fishing fairs in Sweden, Norway, Canada, and England. Now I am glad to attend the BFFI Flyfair in England again. I am looking forward to participating in that major event with great enthusiasm.

Please come by and have a look at my table… I will be pleased to answer your questions and chat with you.

Best regards, Per Johansson.

Fly Fly Fly
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