My name is Paul van den Driesche and I was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
I have been fishing with the fly rod for more than 20 years now.

My dad taught me the basics of casting and fly tying and after that I learned the tricks at local fly fishing clubs.

I like to fish for just about anything I can catch but my favorite is fly fishing for bonefish and tarpon.
Fly tying is more important for me than fishing. Over the years I have tied all the fishing flies I could ever need so I had to tie something else. After salmon flies I started tying realistic flies. Both will keep you busy behind your vise for hours and hours without doing the same thing twice…just the way I like it!
Over the years I started tying on fly fairs which is a very nice way to meet people. Both the public and the other fly tiers make these shows a thing that I look forward to every time.
I look forward to meet you!


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