As an angler, fly tyer and writer who has been born and bred in West Wales, much of my fishing time has been spent chasing Sea Trout on some of the country’s premier fisheries and learning from the many great anglers that our area has produced.

Although Salmon tend to come second on our waters, I became obsessed with them and from a young age have been fortunate enough to travel to various rivers in Scotland and Ireland in search of good fishing.

I love everything about game fishing in the UK, and both the tradition and history it represents. I particularly love tying flies, and enjoy pondering the endless creations one can come up with. Much of my inspiration comes from friends, anglers and superb fly tyers past and present who inspire me whilst at the vice and at the water.

If not at work, or at home with my wonderful wife and three boys, then you are sure to find me wondering the banks of the river Rheidol, rod in hand.

Fly Fly Fly
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