I’ve been fly fishing and tying flies from the age of 11. Most of my fly fishing is done on small still waters of the UK but I also do fish the big reservoirs and also a bit on my local rivers when I get chance, but my passion has always been small still waters I love the variety is offers and no 2 waters are the same. Since the age of 11 I have been a member of the Upper Rhondda Angling Association I’m heavily involved with the club sitting on the committee and we also have our own fish farm which is run by the club and its members.

I don’t really have a specific method I like to fish I love it all everything from fishing tiny small dry flies to the big nasty stuff.

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to work in the trade for a well know fly company (Dragon Tackle) through being involved in the trade it only spurred my fly tying passion on hugely this then resulted in me getting involved with some of the best names in the game FLYBOX, Partridge of Redditch and Whiting Farms.

Although I now work in the window industry (Everest Ltd) in the Team of Excellence Department my passion for fishing and fly tying is still there.

One of my greatest achievements was representing my country in 2014 in the Small Waters International in Chatton trout Fishery. Since then I have been in the bank team since then and this year we are travelling up to Forbes of Kingennie.

If you asked me to pick a style of flies I don’t think I could because I love tying all flies, Being a fan of the more modern tying styles there’s nothing I love more than trying to combine the old with the new so that’s a little about me.

I look forward to seeing you all at the BFFI, pop by and say “Hello”.

Fly Fly Fly
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