Martin Ångnell grew up outside the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and has been fishing as far as he can remember. He got his first fly rod, from his father, at the age of nine, and after many attempts to tie flies and cast he managed to catch his first rainbow trout, at the age of twelve. He has been hooked since.

The fact is that his first fly tying book was a classical written by Mike Dawes, and he remembers himself sitting as a young fly tier marrying wings to the wet fly patterns in the book, something that he has, 20 years later, once again gotten in touch with, due to the popularization of classical salmon fly patterns’ dressing.

But it was the excitement and adventure of catching a fish that enchanted him, and fishing trips to the local Put-n-Take lakes were mixed with sea trout fishing, in both rivers and the coasts, as well as with brown trout and grayling trips to the northern part of Sweden. Martin’s fly tying is based on experiences from these waters, in addition with insect observations.

Martin has, since many years, been working with courses at Sweden’s largest and oldest fishing camp – Hökensås. He is currently working all year round as an instructor in fly casting, tying and fishing.

Martin prefers tying and fishing with nymph patterns, even though he holds still water fly fishing with sinking lines and floating fly patterns and sea trout fishing with spey shrimp patterns close to heart as well. He is especially fond of deer hair, foam and CDC – materials with multiple usages. Martin is focusing on tying fishing flies based on semi-realism. He will present a range of fishing patterns for trout fishing and bring some art flies as well to the show.

Fly Fly Fly
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