My name is Magdalena Pajak. I started tying about 8 years ago. The world of fly tying and fly fishing showed me my partner. We decided to connect business and pleasant and we created Live 4 Fly Fishing brand. Now we are full time tyers and fly fishing guides.

The main flies I tie are trout and grayling. I don’t have favourite patterns, I love to tie all of them. I always try to tie flies based on experience and observations.

My flies, although they are not a perfect reflection of what lives in the water, are effective and the fish love them. I have a few beautiful rivers with trouts and graylings not very far from the place where I live. Spend most of free time there.

I like to experiment with new, various materials.

I am really very happy that I’ll join to BFFI tyers row. See you there!

Fly Fly Fly
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