Coming from the upper valleys of South Wales, Liam’s fishing has focused on urban rivers and streams through post-industrial town. He has extensive experience of fishing the Taff, Usk, Wye and their tributaries for trout and grayling.

Liam focuses on a variety of styles of fly fishing from single dry, European style nymphing, streamers, spiders and tenkara. His biggest love is grayling on single dry fly especially during the more challenging winter months.
He started tying his own flies initially for the satisfaction that catching on your own endeavours brings, but he quickly realised it’s through tying your own flies you can manipulate patterns and fine tune them to suit the fishery he was visiting.

Liam has an active interest in aquatic ecosystems and is a keen collector of aquatic organisms to utilise as a muse to his tying.

Being a teacher by day Liam has a passion for sharing his knowledge with other anglers and introducing beginners to the sport.

He is a member of several angling associations across South Wales and is a proud member of the Deer Creek Pro Team and an ambassador for

Fly Fly Fly
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