Kieron Jenkins has been part of the competition fly fishing scene for ever, or at least it seems that way. After being introduced to both lake and river fishing at the tender age of eight, Kieron has always had a rod in his hand and started competing through his local club.

Achieving his first Welsh Youth International cap at just 9 years old and in the last year taken 4th individual at World level, showing how commitment and effort will pay off. Kieron has a very impressive fishing resume but is also very innovative fly tier, winning fly tying competitions around Wales in both under 14 and under 18 criteria’s. At 20 years old he has thrown flies at fish all around the world and knows what flies fish like to eat.

Growing up in one of the most sought after areas for a fly fisherman, Kieron has tailored his fishing and fly tying around the small streams and larger freestone rivers of south Wales, specialising in both nymph and dry fly fishing.

For more information follow Kierons’ blog here:

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