Jon Strand,

Oslo, Norway

54yrs old

Father of 3 boys.

Started tying flies in May 1979.

In contrary to most fly fishers, I started tying flies before I started fishing.

It all started when a classmate in 7th grade showed me a basic fly pattern, and my first attempt is showed below.


(My first fly ever)

Gradually the flies got more complicated and techniques more sophisticated, resulting in a Gold medal in the Nordic Flytying Championship for Classic Salmon flies, Riihimäki Finland 1986.

Today I’m tying trout and Atlantic salmon flies on order, supplying stores in Norway and some private clients.

In 2017 the GLOPPEN Hotel Collection was completed, a project for Gloppen Hotel, Sandane, Norway, were I made 24 framed classic salmon flies for decoration.

Further the flytying has given me many chances to demonstrate the techniques at different shows. This includes demo-tying in Denmark, England, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, US and of course numerous demoes in Norway.

In May 2017 I set a World Record by tying 1036 Griffith’s Gnat in 24hrs.

Fly Fly Fly

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