In the summer of 1984 my life changed forever. My parents had just purchased a cottage on the river Dee along with a mile of prime salmon river at the bottom of the garden. My mother thought it would be a good idea to purchase a fly tying kit for my father to make his own flies. After many many attempts nothing resembled a salmon fly at all. Thinking I could do better was the start of my passion for tying, first hair wings, even supplying my wares to Anglers Choice in Melrose on the tweed for several years. In 1996 I met Paul Little at the CLA game fair , also the same yea as I met Steve. Pauls fully dressed salmon flies just blew me away. This was the next stage of my obsession . Hours turned into days which turned into weeks perfecting this art of the classics. Many classes with both Paul and Marvin Nolte were undertaken to both understand and learn the techniques required to tie these most beautiful of flies.

After nearly twenty years tying classics I have yet to tie the perfect fly, but will always strive to achieve it. I split my time now between making beautiful hand crafted salmon hooks for tiers around the world and tying flies , both hair wings, classics, speys and Dees.


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