My name is Johan Put and I am from the Netherlands and live in the town called Apeldoorn. I was born in 1971, I am married and have a son and a daughter. I am working as a Process Engineer in the paper industry. We are specialized in release liners of silicones.

I am fishing from the day I can remember. I must have been 5 years old when I fish for the first time, my grandfather took me out to the water and showed me the fun and pleasure of fishing and there it happened, the love for fishing and nature has been with me since.

My fly fishing and fly tying started in 1990.

My passion in fly tying goes out to the realistic flies, including fishable and art flies. With more flies then I could ever fish with, I needed a new challenge in fly tying. I tried a few things but could not get the satisfaction. Until I came up whit the realistic fly tying, that was the thing I was looking for, spending many hours on a single fly, it is to me a big kick to recreate a bug as good as possible. In some flies I spent more than 50 hours of tying, but when the end result is finish it gives me a great satisfaction.

I spent many hours behind the vise, tying is sometimes even more important to me then fishing. Every day I am behind the vise, trying new stuff and try to improve my skills.

For more info you can visit my site at

Take care you all and best fishes.


Fly Fly Fly
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