Thanks for giving me the great opportunity to attend the BFFI 2017!

My preferred targets when it comes to flyfishing is salmon and seatrout. the same goes for my flytying.

As a born and raised Scandinavian I of course see my self as a Scandi-style flytyer and flyfisher.

I have been tying flies for as long as I can remember but really got my act together for about six or seven years ago.

In December 2014 me and my dear friend and colleague, Olli Rautiainen, started a project that we call Scandinavian United Flytyers, ScUFt.

the response to our project has been way over our expectations and has led us to some amazing opportunities. for that are we truly grateful.

I’m really honoured to have been asked to come and tie at the BFFI and I’m hoping that my style of flytying will make some interest on the row. Please feel free to come and see me tie at the Tyers Row or just swing by and say a few words.

Best regards
Jim wennmark, ScUFt

Fly Fly Fly
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