My name is Jan ”Janne” Edman, fly tyer from Sweden.

Some of my friends have been tying at the BFFI and they say it’s a great show.

A few years ago I was invited me but I couldn’t attend.

I’m a Whiting Pro Team Member, Regal Pro Team Member and Daiichi Pro Team Member. I’ve been a guest tier at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center (2007…only Swede so far).

My big interest is the history of fly tying and fly fishing….and yes I fish Bamboo rods.

I tie mostly classic dry flies for Trout and Grayling…like Roger Woolleys pattern and I just love the old Catskill flies.

I live in a small town, Sollefteå, right in the middle of Sweden, 1,5 hours drive from the famous Grayling stream Idsjöströmmen.

Best regards

Jan Edman

Sollefteå, Sweden


Fly Fly Fly
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