I have been tying flies for more years than I care to remember.

Simple, yet effective patterns for trout and grayling are my main interest. I have been known to tie flies too small to be seen by most anglers, but very much noticed by the fish. Another specialty would be the use of CDC in a variety of patterns.

My signature fly is the CDC&Elk.

I have demonstrated at flyfishing shows both in Europe and North America for the past couple decades.

My interest in flytying, macro photography and a background in computing&networking all came together in Flytier’s Page, a web site set up as a gallery of flytiers and their patterns. You are cordially invited to visit the gallery at http://www.flytierspage.com, or my Youtube channel for tying tutorial videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/HansWeilenmann

I am a keen student and teacher of flycasting, and a certified master flycasting instructor from both FFF and EFFA.

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, is my home and the world’s streams and rivers my local waters.

Fly Fly Fly
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