My name is George Burdess, I am 20 years old and have been fly tying for 11 years and fly fishing for 13 years. I am a self taught fly tier and began when my uncle introduced me into fly fishing 13 years ago, two years after that I took up fly tying to which my uncle encouraged before passing away in 2009. I began reading a lot and when the Irish fly fair started I began attending the show each year to which my fly tying blossomed.

One of my mentors Stevie Munn who runs the Irish fly fair gave me the opportunity to give tying demos at the 2015 show which I attended. This was the start of what could only be described as the food to my hunger of fly tying.

Since then I have given fly tying demo at shows all over Ireland and now been invited to the British fly fair and International show 2018!!

In 2017 I became a Pro tyer with Irish Fly Supplies, a journalist for The Countryman’s Weekly having my own segment called fly of the month under the writers name of Mr Lamper and I’m also an Irish Ambassador for the Wild Society app. My area of fly tying ranges from Irish lough patterns, traditional wets, twisted traditional’s, emergers, lures and river patterns. I look forward to seeing you there !!!


Fly Fly Fly
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