Chevron Hackles is a company based in the South West corner of Great Britain, and is a producer of high quality genetic hackles. We grow our own birds, process them and dye them all on site, as well as bringing in similar products of high quality to offer our customers a range of products, all of excellent quality.

We have our usual range of cock and hen capes with us and also a range of dyed game bird skins. New this year we have also filled out our range of home grown products with some materials from other producers, which we have ‘enhanced’ by our own dyeing skills!

The difficulty for us is in growing enough capes to meet demand, and so we are happy to fill out our own range with other brands, so long as they are of the very best quality. And we have, this year, produced some pretty spectacular colours, most of them completely individual.

These non standard products have to be seen to be believed and far better in reality than can be seen on a web page. There is no substitute for seeing and handling capes – rather than buying online.

We are happy to sponsor the Fly Tying Clinic as we believe that many of our customers have queries which they can put to our team of expert tyers, all of whom will be able and willing to discuss in great detail any little difficulties which arise when dressing a variety of flies.

Lee Hooper England
Alan Middleton England
Regan Skinner England
Tomas Kolesinskas Lithuania
Peter Hartley England

Our team has been carefully selected to offer expertise in all disciplines of fly dressing, from tiny river flies to fully dressed salmon flies, lake and loch, saltwater or fresh.


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