FDG activities at BFFI

The purpose of The Fly Dressers’ Guild is to promote and encourage the art of fly-tying, in all its forms. We are a not-for-profit organisation open to anyone interested in flies and fly-tying, whether a knowledgeable veteran, a novice or somewhere in between, and new members are warmly welcomed.

At the 2017 BFFI, we challenge you to take part in one of our three fun competitions:

Fastest Fly Tyer in the West: tie a set pattern, as quickly as you can. The pattern and the materials will be provided by the FDG. Coming on both days? A different pattern will be set for Sunday! Prizes will be awarded at the end of each day to the fastest, correctly-tied fly.

Blindfolded Fly-Tying: tie a Woolly Bugger whilst blindfolded! Prizes will be awarded at the end of each day to the best fly.

What’s This?: a board with some 20 different natural materials will be set up for you to guess what they are. The top winner for each day will be chosen on the basis of the number of materials identified correctly and, the case of a tie break, the amount of time taken to identify them.

We will also be demonstrating and answering questions or providing tuition on:

– flies from the FDG Guild Awards booklets

– flies from the FDG Fly Tying Competition

– any fly of your choice (NB if it involves unusual or expensive materials or hooks, you might want to bring them with you, as we may not have them on the stand)

– helping novice adults and beginners tying a fly.

Whether you’re a member of the FDG or not, come to our stand and join in on the fun!

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