Cookshill Fly Tying Materials came into being in 1998. As someone who was a keen fly tyer I had found it very difficult to buy quality natural materials by mail order and was constantly disappointed with what was on offer from the established companies.

Partridge skinUsing my connections in the shooting world I was able to resource all types of UK origin fur and feather and convert them into superior quality fly dressing materials.

Over the years the Cookshill range on offer has grown but the focus still centres on natural materials. Cookshill’s particular specialism is full game bird skins which are widely regarded as the best available.The BFFI came about as a result of Cookshill exhibiting at various events in the UK and further afield.

It was a visit to Fly Fair in Holland in 2002 which instigated the shows conception. Now in its fourteenth year the BFFI has gone from strength to strength and is now regarded as the UK’s premier fly fishing event. At BFFI 2016 Cookshill will be putting on a selection of natural materials second to none.

The Cookshill team look forward to meeting customers old and new in

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