Charles Jardine returns to us at  the BFFI this year; not with Rod reel lines, or hooks, vice, feathers and tinsel, this time,  but with his brushes, paper watercolours and pencils.

Spanning two generations, Jardine will be exhibiting original  work from his monthly involvement with – and BFFI sponsors – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying; Some new work and also a retrospective of his fathers work, the late  Alex Jardine. (As opposed his son!!!! Who would agree, he is far better at fly tying and fishing, than painting).

Also, Charles will be painting your favourite flies for charity already launched on his Facebook page,  this novel, innovative, fundraising idea, seems to have captured the imagination and offers you a unique opportunity to get an original, and deeply personal picture, that actually means something special to you.

Jardine will be continuing the illustrations at the show and will depict your favourite fly for donations. This is strictly restricted to the first twenty individuals pledging interest and the opportunity  is going fast…….

Charles will be also delighted to talk about and demonstrate his approach to both sketching and painting  “Plien air” and studio work and just, well, natter about fishing, really.  So bring you coffee, and bikkies (he won’t mind a bit, if you bring him some too) pull up your chair near to the easel and have a “chin wag” with this convivial fly fishing “nutter.”.

Charles can be reached ahead of the show on:

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