I’m looking forward to joining you all again this year. In Denmark, much of our fishing is saltwater fishing for sea trout, so this is where I started my flytying. Over the years I have been tying all kinds of flies, but my main focus is still saltwater flies for sea trout, and salmon/sea trout flies for freshwater.

The focus in my flytying is to bring my experience as a flyfisherman, and to use the knowledge I gain when I’m fishing, to improve on the flies. Many of my flies I have in different versions. That way I have the properties in the fly I think would work in the different situations that I experience when I’m fishing.

At the show this year, I will bring some of my small zonkers, easy skandi style, and my westcoast style that I use for salmon, and some of the coastal flies I use for sea trout. Those flies will be a mix of different techniques, some old and proven, others new and different.

I do a lot of tying classes, demoes and talks about my flytying, and enjoying it all. I think flytying is best seen live, so drop by and have a chat about flies, fishing and the ideas that I use for my flies.

Fly Fly Fly
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