Hello, my name is Andre Miegies and I live in the central part of the Netherlands.

It is great to be back at the BFFI again, the last two shows I had to cancel because some health stuff but now I will be there again!!!

I fish for my entire live and at least 35 years of it with a flyrod! I started flytying because buying flies was too expensive and not good available too. My fishing in the summertime is for Ide and Carp and some perch fishing, later in the season only predator fish. Flyfishing and flytying became a big part of my life and I still enjoy every second behind the vice and on the water. I love to tie big streamers for pike and other predator fish but also classic and modern salmonflies and everything in between. Simply I love to create a fly were you can fool a fish with. I have demonstrate my tying already in 9 countries and I hope there will be some more, it is a great way to meet other tyers and flyfishers.

At the BFFI I will be tying coastal seatrout flies, tubeflies for salmon and perch flies!

Hope to see you there !!!

You can contact me at andremiegies@gmail.com.

All the best,

Andre Miegies

Fly Fly Fly
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