Grip 12804BL: This is a barbless version of the standard Grip 12804 nymph hook. It is a heavy wire black nickel hook perfect for most mayfly nymphs and small attractor patterns and available in #10 – #16. Its wide gape allows for most bead sizes as well as added lead wire without losing too much gape.

Grip 13021BL: This is the barbless version of the Grip 13021 longshank hook which is perfect for small damsels fly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs and streamers and available in #8 – #14. It is a heavy wire black nickel hook and also fits most bead sizes.

Grip 14012BL: This is a barbless jig fly hook in standard wire and black nickel finish available from #8 – #18. The Grip Slotted tungsten beads fit these hooks perfectly and wide gapes allow for lots of added weight when fishing deep runs.

ScientificFly is also expanding its range of fly tying materials and the newly added range of Crystal flash is a great addition.This crystal flash is slightly stiffer than most of the conventional crystal flash on the market and available in a variety of colours.

We will soon be expanding the range of materials by adding some more specialised materials but more about that later.

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