Ids Schukken the man behind Schukken Design was born in 1949 in Tjerkwerd a small village in the Frysian Lake Area in the Netherlands.

Since I was young my greatest hobby was fishing. For 50 years I have been fly-fishing pike, pike-perch, (sea) trout and salmon. Every year I travel to Norway and Denmark and spend a few weeks there, fishing for trout and salmon. Friesland is wonderful for pike and pike-perch.
About 35 years ago I started to make split-cane rods and 30 years ago I started making reels. As teacher at a Technical School I have the skills to design and build rods and reels. To catch fish with rods, reels, flies and spoons made by myself is exiting and a great challenge.

During winter I can indulge working on rod and reel building in my workshop, in summer all my leisure time is spent outdoors and do not build any rods or reels.

All Schukken created split-cane rods and reels are handmade in my own workshop and are each of them unique.

There will never be a lot of these products on the market because they are all fabricated by me personally. Some of these products are only made once.

The reels are made of titanium and anodised aluminium for line classes #1 till #10, direct drive. In line classes #7 till #10 also in in anti-reverse reels.

Titanium made reels are salt-water resistant and have a life-long guarantee. Split cane rods each have a character of their own, varying from semi-parabolic to fast. I can make rods with a personal character because of my extensive experience with tapers. A buyer can, if desired, keep track of the rod’s progress during its building process through descriptions and photos. A good impression can thus be obtained of the custom built reel or rod.

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