Dave Riding has been tying flies for 60 years, and as a professional for 40 years, he has written many articles for Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine, he and his late brother were great friends of the late Hugh Falkus and Arthur Oglesby and and regularly tied all their flies.

As well as tying all the flies depicted in Hugh Falkus book Salmon Fishing Dave can also lay claim to the first ever latex prawn fly for salmon fishing, a fly that was banned on many salmon rivers for simply looking too real. He also changed, for Hugh Falkus, his standard nylon mount for his sunk lures, and constructed for him a virtually unbreakable mount made from nylon covered wire. This mount is now used for constructing snake flies, and tandem flies.

Dave will be demonstrating on his stand, new uses for synthetic floss on bodies, in wings hackles and tails, and even how to create a super fine dubbing for flies down to size 20, watch dave tying a buzzer on a size 20 using only one two inch strand of floss.

Dave will also be launching a new special wax for fly tying; this is a specially formulated wax that is pliable and non hardening. Great on all silks, even the finest of silks.

Dave looks forwards to meeting you all at the fair, all the best and tight lines.


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